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    INILL ATHLETES Inill athletes are disciplined people with various experiences and backgrounds. They inspire others to better themselves. TIFFANY NGUYEN Inill Ambassador Tiff shows people that you can prioritize work and/or side projects, have a life outside of the gym and still make progress. INSTAGRAM SAMUEL KULBILA Inill Ambassador​ Samuel has been able to change his life and many youths in his local area via his outdoor gym in Ghana. It has been an alternative to criminal activity and a beacon of hope for locals. INSTAGRAM CÉLIA GABIANNI Inill Athlete Célia is a competitive CrossFit athlete. She is on the Méridian Regionals Team and constantly looks to progress in and out of the gym. Her CrossFit games profile is as shown: INSTAGRAM SARAH LANZILLO Inill Athlete Sarah is a competitive powerlifter and strongwoman, and continuously improves in her field. She works as a personal trainer and directly helps people with training. INSTAGRAM KARI FIGUEROA Inill Athlete Kari is an Italian/Spanish powerlifter and Zumba dancer. She is a licensed PTA who works hard and gets the job done, even when she doesn't want to. INSTAGRAM MANDI KALMON Inill Athlete Mandi is a certified personal/online trainer and health lifestyle blogger who wants to help others fall in love with taking care of themselves. She has gained so much happiness and self-confidence from lifting weights, which is why it's her mission to inspire others to workout from a place of wanting to feel their best instead of a place a hatred for their body. INSTAGRAM IANKA BERKENBUSCH Inill Athlete Ianka is an overall powerbuilder and helps her audience with fitness as well as self-love. INSTAGRAM MATTEO SASSELLA Inill Athlete Matteo is a multi-sport athlete. His passion for working out came after a back surgery in 2016 that ended his involvement in impact sports. Nowadays, he is a calisthenics and snowboard instructor and runs the European Spartan Race circuit. INSTAGRAM ELSIE WOO Inill Athlete Elsie is an outgoing powerlifter who helps her following with lifting regiment and positivity. INSTAGRAM JACK WYATT Inill Athlete Jack is an 18 year old lifter with high ambitions to grow himself and help his followers grow with him. He posts lifting routines and technique tips consistently that help others follow in his footsteps. INSTAGRAM BRETT SCHMIDT Inill Athlete Brett is a USPA powerlifter who consistently progresses in his sport, inspiring others to do the same. INSTAGRAM KHAN RIZWAN Inill Creator/Athlete Khan, also known as Rizxstar on TikTok, inspires other content creators to step out of their shells. He pushes people to pursue their desires regardless of what others think. TIKTOK KIMBERLY LEMUS Inill Athlete Kimberly works for the Army National Guard. She enjoys hiking and anything that has to do with being outdoors. Kimberly started taking lifting weights more seriously when she was deployed to the Middle East. She's glad that the military helped her stay motivated and strong. Kimberly's goal is to help and provide value to those who look up to her and spread positivity. INSTAGRAM ALEXIS SICHERMAN Inill Athlete Alexis is currently a Travel RN with experience in PCU and Psych nursing. She was never an athlete as a child, but picked up horseback riding when she was four years old and hasn't stopped since. In Florida, Alexis found powerlifting and has been competing since early 2017. She has a passion for gaining strength in mind, body, and soul and decided to share those by way of coaching other athletes in the sport. Alexis knows we all come from different walks of life. She knows we've had different upbringings, come from different countries, different religions and races, but we can all come together in powerlifting to do one thing - get stronger! INSTAGRAM LEILA WILLIAMS Inill Athlete Leila is a lifter and certified personal trainer aiming to help motivate, inspire, and guide women to find their confidence while reaching their fitness goals. INSTAGRAM DANIELLE Inill Athlete Danielle is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and always trying to improve in all aspects of her life. She is currently serving active duty in the United States Marine Corps, and is continuously tested to her limits with annual fitness tests. She continues to grow and progress in weightlifting, powerlifting, her agilities, sports, and calisthenics. While sharing her fitness journey online, she encourages the importance of self love, self improvement, and treating others with kindness. INSTAGRAM TIAN LIM Inill Ambassador Tian started her fitness journey with a goal of changing her body for the better. She has gained self-confidence and self-discipline and is always striving to better herself. INSTAGRAM RICH YUN Inill Ambassador​ Rich is both a powerlifting athlete and coach. He loves the sport and motivates and coaches others to be better and stronger. INSTAGRAM JOSUE VARGAS Inill Athlete Josue is a professional boxer in the super lightweight division with an impressive 18-1 record, 9 of which were knockouts. He vows to always progress in his art and has a fire within him that he keeps alive daily. INSTAGRAM SAMER DELGADO Inill Athlete Samer is a personal/online trainer and a freestyle wall runner. He is also a calisthenics athlete and was a Vegas finalist for American Ninja Warrior. TIKTOK ADDYSON Inill Athlete Addy is a 12 year old powerlifter who, through powerlifting, is learning discipline, dedication and confidence to do what she puts her mind to. She's been powerlifting for two years and continues to work hard towards her goals. INSTAGRAM VANCE GIBSON Inill Athlete Vance is a bodybuilder and fitness influencer known for his constant gym progression. He is passionate about helping others progress like himself. INSTAGRAM ISABELLE AUDETTE Inill Athlete Isabelle lost 100 lbs in 10 months and is showing her followers that it's possible to live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy going out for dinner. INSTAGRAM BRITTNEY AMADOR Inill Athlete Brittney is a fitness influencer who is very honest about real life things such as depression and anxiety. She majored in psychology and is currently a bodybuilder. Most of her content is raw and she is not afraid for people to see what life is really like for a full-time student athlete working two jobs. INSTAGRAM CIERRA JOAN Inill Athlete Cierra is a military police combat vet. She was medically retired out of the army due to TBI-induced epilepsy. Cierra began lifting weights in 2012 and switched to powerlifting in 2016. Since then, she has competed many times as well as coach in powerlifting, strongman, military fitness and basic PT. She's now on a mission to a gain a platform large enough to reach millions of people because she wants to make a change and help those who fall into the darkest corners of the world. Cierra knows there're bigger issues than what we see on social media, so her end goal is to help relieve those pains; she uses her lifting to bring attention so people can see how she can help them. INSTAGRAM FÉLIX DOLCI Inill Athlete Félix Dolci is a member of the Canadian National Gymnastics team and a 5x Champion in 2019 alone. He is a strong candidate to represent Canada at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Félix inspires his following with his hard work. INSTAGRAM KELSEY HENSON Inill Athlete Kelsey has a huge audience following her fitness journey. She provides tips, exercises and pointers to all who seek to walk in her athletic footsteps. INSTAGRAM PRESLEY PRITCHARD Inill Athlete Presley is a firefighter paramedic in Montana. She has competed in a few powerlifting competitions and strength trains to keep in shape for her job. Presley is a mom of two girls and loves hiking, climbing, shooting, snowboarding, and the outdoors. Her professional and powerlifting career inspires others to put in the work for their goals. INSTAGRAM ELIJAH BELTON Inill Athlete Elijah is a very determined, dedicated and hardworking athlete in and out of the gym. Ultimate failure is not an option for him. Elijah strives to preach this to everyone, helping them become inspired and active in life because to him, the limit is beyond the sky. YOUTUBE KARA DRUMMOND Inill Athlete Kara is a competitive powerlifter and navy veteran. She continues to grow in powerlifting while prioritizing and encouraging the importance of community outreach and treating others with kindness. INSTAGRAM JAZMIN TEJEDA Inill Athlete Jazmin is a dedicated powerlifter pursuing a career as a physician assistant. She loves to share her powerlifting journey to show others that it is never impossible to achieve your goals. INSTAGRAM FRANK DADES Inill Athlete Frankie is a hybrid athlete who does CrossFit, bodybuilding, and distance running. He transformed his body and lifestyle and strives to use his platform to inspire others to do the same. TIKTOK SOPHIA WAX Inill Ambassador Sophia is committed to spreading awareness about eating disorders. It his her mission to help other women become confident and strong. INSTAGRAM JAMES ENGLISH Inill Athlete James is a powerlifter who constantly looks to the next PR. Even when injured, he has his mind set on his goals. INSTAGRAM KATIE SALERNI Inill Athlete Katie is a competitive powerlifter with a drive for getting better both inside and outside the gym. INSTAGRAM NAOMI KONG Inill Athlete Naomi is a long-time lifter. She reviews many different products for her followers to make informed decisions when they shop. Naomi constantly inspires and helps other people with difficulties in and out of the gym. INSTAGRAM CRISTAL DÍAZ Inill Athlete Cristal is an online personal trainer whose passion is helping people with their health and fitness goals. She has worked with Paralympic athletes as well as many other men and women. Cristal believes everything is possible through hard work, discipline and confidence. INSTAGRAM MIKE ROSA Inill Athlete Mike is a fitness entrepreneur with a combined social media following of over 830K. He created the workout app Exerprise which is a workout generator that uses advanced filtering technology to create a routine based on your time availability and equipment accessibility. Along with his app, Mike owns the website which sells workout programs, meal plans, apparel and online coaching. He competes in powerlifting and believes in having no limits and is also featured on the TV show Man vs. Bear. Mike knows there's always a way to get to the next level! YOUTUBE CHRISTOPHER KEBREAU Inill Athlete Christopher Kebreau is not your typical Doctor Pharmacist. He prioritizes his health and athletic performance while inspiring many to follow through with their dreams and never stop going forward even when things get hard. INSTAGRAM EVELIN FERNANDES Inill Athlete Evelin is a professional runner who inspires her followers with motivational captions and brings them along her racing journey. INSTAGRAM NABEEL KHAN Inill Athlete Nabeel helps men and women lose up to 20 lbs of fat without giving up their favorite foods and still make phenomenal progress in the gym. INSTAGRAM OKSANA CHUSOVITINA Inill Athlete Oksana Chusovitina is an Olympic gymnast who has competed for the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan, and Germany. Her career as an elite gymnast has spanned more than a quarter century. Oksana is training to compete in her 8th Olympics in Tokyo in 2021, and inspires all aspiring and active gymnasts worldwide. INSTAGRAM LIAM ROBINS Inill Artist/Athlete Liam is a both a powerlifting artist and competitive powerlifter. He strives to make everyone's day better by turning all of their favorite lifters into cartoons. Liam has a fire within him to want to be one of the best in his artwork and in powerlifting. INSTAGRAM JENNIFER BENITEZ Inill Athlete Jennifer started her fitness journey after she had her daughter at a young age. She wants to inspire women to become confident and strong in their own skin. INSTAGRAM ELIZA LOPEZ Inill Athlete Liza is a personal trainer and online coach. She believes living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. Liza's aim is to help and motivate as many people as she can to reach their fitness goals. INSTAGRAM SANDRA TRAN Inill Athlete What got Sandra into lifting was having insecurity and self-doubt about her body image. Sandra wanted to find a way to change the way she looked, and that’s when she started to go to the gym. She absolutely fell in love with it when she started seeing results. Later on, Sandra got involved with powerlifting and that’s when everything changed. She was surrounded by so many amazing, encouraging individuals. The powerlifting community is not like any other sports community that Sandra's ever been involved with before. They treat each and every person as family. Sandra wants to build a bigger community that invites any background to join and wants other females to know that lifting weights doesn’t mean they'll look bulky or "manly." INSTAGRAM ESTHER LEE Inill Athlete Esther is a powerlifter who loves to eat and whose goal is help others learn that it is possible to find a balance between enjoying the delicious food in life and staying on top of fitness. INSTAGRAM MALAYNA GRAY Inill Athlete Malayna is a bodybuilding competitor and online coach who is constantly trying to progress in and out of the gym. TIKTOK

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